Ink and Drink Comics Submission Policy

Ink and Drink Comics does not take any unsolicited submissions of any kind. Any submission sent to us unsolicited will not be read. We apologize in advance for the inconvience.

Ink and Drink Comics is a collective of writers and artists and we only accept fully formed story submissions for our anthologies. That said, if you'd like to contribute to one of our future anthologies, please send us an email with links to either a website or portfolio of previously published work. We are always on the look out for new talent and would love to welcome any aspiring writers and artists to the Ink and Drink fold. If you are a writer and your work cuts the muster, we may be able to put you in touch with an Ink and Drink artist. Same goes for artists.

We publish two anthologies per year and one minicomic every year, and we adhere to very tight deadlines. If you are interested in contributing, you'll need to deliver work in a timely manner that is of professional quality.

Each anthology contribution is reviewed by our Editorial Council and is subject to their approval.

Please note that Ink and Drink Comics does not pay our contributors, nor do we charge money for admission into the anthologies. Further details of the submission and publication process will be disclosed after the portfolio review is completed.

Ink and Drink Comics is based in St. Louis, MO, and while being local to the St. Louis area is not a requirement, it is preferred as a big part of the planning for each anthology takes place at our "Ink and Drink" sessions, which are held monthly in the University City area.

All works published by Ink and Drink Comics are © Copyright those creators, and Ink and Drink Comics retains no rights other than to publish those works within the anthology for which they were originally submitted.