Nonfiction Anthology

“My First Con” by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
“The First Time That I Really Felt Like a Dad” by Jason Green and Christina “Steenz” Stewart
“True Stories of Retail” by Jeffrey Johnson
“Jade’s Story “ by Jade and Maggie Thurston
“Rite “ by Caleb Sawyer and Ben Sawyer
“My First Time… “ by Jonathan J. Norfleet
“Turf Wars: Lapulapu vs. Magellanh” by Alexis Austriaco
The Day Bigfoot Saved My Life Illustrated by Darren Tracy and Brandon Daniels
“The Fate of Franz Lang?” by Shawn Harrington, Darren Tracy and Jason Green
“Six Queens, No Waiting: The Unfortunate Wives of Henry VIII “ by Maggie Thurston
“Two-Timer” by Jason Green and Sam Washburn
The Battle of Fort Davidson by Jim Ousley, Oscar Madrid,Ben Sawyer and Jim Mosley
“Sweet Moments Made Sweeter” by Steve Higgins and Tabby Freeman
“Steenz + Keya = Comics” by Christina “e;Steenz “e; Stewart
“The Unforgettable Tortilla Chip Crumb Incident” by Jim Mosley
“Nineteen” by Jason Green, E.A. Schweitzer and Greg McCrary
“Wedding Day at the Courthouse!” by Maggie Thurston
“STL Fed Up!” by Jim Mosley
“Going Outside” by Steve Higgins and Chris Sagovac

Cover by Adam Davenport
Title Page Illustration by Maggie Thurston

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 72



And similarly after exploring flights of fancy does an author circle around to instead seek the sobering truth. And thus comes the latest anthology from St. Louis-based comics collective Ink and Drink Comics: SOBER, a collection of nineteen nonfiction narratives ranging from the autobiographical to the historical to the sociopolitical, and everything in between. The stories herein will have you cheer Civil War soldiers to victory and jeer perverted politicians, cringe at the pangs of teenage romance and smile at the mundanities of parenthood, get into the heads of punk rockers and protestors, and even ponder the very nature of nonfiction itself.