So I was at the bar, when…

What started as an excuse to drink beer and talk comics has now become an excuse to drink beer and make comics. Initially a monthly gathering of like-minded comic fans, Ink and Drink Comics is now a full-fledged publisher, releasing semiannual themed short story anthologies to show off the depth and breadth of comics talent here in St. Louis (plus a few friends from points beyond).

To date, Ink and Drink Comics has:

  • Published 17 Books
  • Published 6 Minicomics
  • Over 125 Contributors
  • Printed thousands and thousands of pages
  • Spilled copious amounts of ink
  • Drank too much beer

The Ink and Drink bibliography:

SPIRITS OF ST. LOUIS (horror anthology, fall 2010)
SHOTS IN THE DARK (crime anthology, spring 2011)
BLASTED! (science fiction anthology, fall 2011)
OFF THE WAGON (Western anthology, spring 2012)
HAMMERED (fantasy anthology, fall 2012)
TANKED (war anthology, spring 2013)
ON THE ROCKS (romance anthology, fall 2013)
HOME BREW (a special St. Louis anthology for the city’s 250th birthday, spring 2014)
ON THE HOUSE Volume 1 (FCBD anthology, fall 2014)
LIQUID COURAGE (superhero anthology, fall 2014)
JUICE BOX (all-ages anthology, spring 2015)
SOBER (nonfiction anthology, fall 2015)
SPIRITS OF ST. LOUIS II: HAIR OF THE DOG (horror anthology, spring 2016)
CHASER (crime anthology, spring 2017)
WASTED (sci-fi anthology, fall 2017)
ON THE HOUSE Volume 2 (FCBD anthology, fall 2017)
DRY COUNTY (western anthology, spring 2018)
SMASHED (fantasy anthology, fall 2018)
BOMBED (war anthology, spring 2019)
MIXED (romance anthology, spring 2020)
LIQUID COURAGE 2 (superhero anthology, coming spring 2021)

…and ON THE HOUSE, our annual Free Comic Book Day minicomic series. Six issues so far, covering robots, ninjas, pirates, vampires, knights, and werewolves!