Science Fiction Anthology

“Kids These Days” by Nick Main
“Superiority Complex” by Jason Green and Justin Crouse
“Conversation” by Jonathan J. Norfleet and Benjamin Sawyer
“Alien Attack!” by Sam and Noah Washburn
“The Son I Never Had” by Kevin Wolf and Matt Bryan
“The Last Human in Space” by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
“Oblivion” by Adam Davenport
“Doc Hyperion and the Crystal Crucible of Death” by Greg O’Driscoll and William Francis
“Will the Last One Out of the Democracy Please Turn Off the Lights?” by Bryan A. Hollerbach and Aaron James Ford
“Wasted on the Young” by Steve Higgins and Mike Murphy
“Mother of Invention” by Brent Mueller and Mike Harvey
“Apocalypse Sux” by Jon Scorfina and Stephanie Richardson
“Robo Gigante!” by Jason Green and Jim Mosley
“Bounty” by Anthony L. Fowler, Jr.
“Von Braun’s Saucer” by Nate Hessling, Brad King, Ahad Bhaiji and Carlos Gabriel Ruiz

Cover by Adam Davenport
Back Cover and Title Page Illustration by Aaron Anderson

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 106


In one infamous tale, titanic robots “rassle” in Mexico. In another, a lothario rich in youth but poor in judgment makes a tragic call. In still other stories, maternal instincts go all wrong amid a war of tomorrow, a galaxy-hopping bounty hunter tries to bag particularly problematic prey, an Alien Abduction goes awry, and World War II grunts learn a shocking connection between the hell of Nazi Germany and the heavens. So get comfy, dear reader — and then go cosmic and get BLASTED!

Astounding science fiction goes nova in this Ink and Drink Comics anthology featuring 15 stellar stories and more than two dozen scintillant contributors.