BOMBED cover by Meesimo

An Ink and Drink Comics War Anthology

I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine. – William Tecumseh Sherman

“Moses” – Written and Illustrated by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz, Colored by Brandon Daniels
“Visions of War” – Written by Bianca King, Illustrated by John King
“Three Graces” – Written and Illustrated by D.D. Epperson
“Restart!” – Written and Illustrated by Billy Phillips
“Hostile Takeover” – Co-written and Illustrated by Shawn Harrington, Co-written and Lettered by Jason Green, Colored by Bradley Roach
“Mech Hunters” – Written and Illustrated by Sam Weber
“WW” – Written by Chris Aaron and Steve Higgins, Illustrated by Chris Sagovac
“Tori the Troubleshooter: Lytes and Dharks” – Written and Illustrated by Elizabeth Waterman
“Allies” – Written by Steve Higgins, Illustrated by Meesimo, Colored and Lettered by Brandon Daniels
“Ash and Blood” – Written and Illustrated by Joe Wills
“Rivets” – Written and Illustrated by Maggie Thurston

84 pages
Full Color
Cover by Meesimo
Title Page by Billy Phillips
Back Cover by Stephanie Gobby
Illustration by Patrick Weck

Dedicated to the memory of one of the founders of our collective, without whom these anthologies would not exist. To Kevin Wolf, who will be sorely missed.

This new war anthology from Ink and Drink Comics stretches the boundaries of the genre to include stories with conflicts not only set during the annals of history but also in fantastic realms and futuristic eras. But no matter the trappings of the tales, at each one’s center, it is a conflict that embodies everything expected out of accounts of war: themes of heroism and sacrifice, brotherhood and honor, courage, and loss.