An Ink and Drink Comics Crime Anthology

“Butcher Queen” by Jim Ousley and Benjamin Sawyer
Ghost Town: A Mystery” by Alex O’Neill, Jesse Kwe and Brandon Daniels
“Leap Into the Void “ by Brandon Daniels
“Detective Reginald T. Library in: The Case of the Lady of the Night” by DS Williams, Shawn Harrington and Brandon Daniels
“Motley Tales” by Meesimo
“Obor, El Hombre Ocho” by Jason Green and Jim Mosley
“Welcome to the Black Market!” by Maggie Thurston
“The Merry Meal Murder” by Barry Lincoln
“Clinical Attack” by Ada Ezenwa-Autrey
“Ms. Monday: Case of the  Irishman & the Callgirl” by Bianca King and John King
“Blood on the Tracks – The Heist” by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz and Brian Atkins
“Gone in a Flash” by Steve Higgins and Chris Sagovac
“Upon the Night” by Chris Raglin and Natalie Baldeon

Cover by Adam Davenport
Title Page by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz and Brandon Daniels
Full Color
100 Pages

Desperate criminals. Conflicted cops. Anti-heroes living outside the law. Hapless gumshoes chasing a lead. Heists plotted down to the letter. Murders committed in the heat of the moment. These elements are staples of the crime genre, and the thirteen tales in this anthology from Ink and Drink Comics finds the usual suspects delving deep into every dark corner of this domain. Some are based on true events, others are truly absurd, but all the stories in this volume are guaranteed to thrill.