An Ink and Drink Comics Western Anthology

Sure shots and showdowns at high noon.

“Stagecoach Mary Goes to Town” – Written by Jim Ousley, Illustrated by Christian “Meesimo” Meesey, Colored and lettered by Brandon Daniels
“Rosebud Candle” – Written and illustrated by Bill Perry
“The Long Fang Boys (And How They Met Their End)” – Written by Nathan Kenkel, Illustrated by Patrick Weck
“Death Outdraws All Men, Leaving Skeletal Remains, Metamorphosis” – Art by Chris Sagovac, Haikiu by Steve Higgins, Colors by Brandon Daniels
“Deistic Showdown at Amplitude Gulch” – Written and illustrated by Scott Roth
“Death In The West” – Written by Brandon Evans, Illustrated by Morgan Laughlin
“Wild West Yaoi Crisis” – Written and illustrated by Sam Weber
“Stone Fired” – Written and illustrated by Bee
“Showdown at the Shanghai Hotel” – Written by Bianca King, Illustrated by John King
“The Ballad of Badass Bucky” – Story and art by Shawn Harrington, Words and letters by Jason Green, Colors by Bradley Alexander Roach
“Meginnah” – Written and illustrated by Joe Wills
“The Man with the Golden Overbite” – Written by Thomas Mauer, Illustrated by Christian “Meesimo” Meesey, Colors by Brandon Daniels
“The Showdown” – Written and illustrated by Elizabeth Schweitzer, Letters by Jason Green

108 Pages
Full Color
Cover by Natalie Baldeon
Backcover by Adam Davenport
Additional illustrations and pinups by Maggie Thurston, Patrick Weck, Jim Mosley, and Jesse Kwe

Sit yourself down a spell and let Ink and Drink Comics spin you a yarn or two of fisticuffs in saloons, gunfights at high noon, and sheriffs riding off into the sunset. Along the way we may go off the beaten path and explore the historical, the supernatural, and the science-fictional, but we won’t never let our boots leave the dusty trails that head out to the old West. That’s our guarantee.