Fantasy Anthology

“The Ballad of the Black Knight” by Jason Green and Adam Davenport
“The Rat Trap” by Scott Schmidt and Brian Gilman
“The Joust” by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
“Rookie Mistake #1” by Joe Wills
“A Knight’s Tale” by Scott Quick
“Inside Iggy’s Comic Box” by Jon Socrfina and Stephanie Main
“A Binding Agreement” by Steve Higgins and Jim Mosley
“In Remembrance of the King” by Jonathan J. Norfleet and Benjamin Sawyer
“Elephant Graveyard Blackjack” by Kevin Wolf and Matt Bryan
“Won’t Get Trolled Again’” by Aaron James Ford
“Michael and the Dragon; by Marie Enger
“Sig’s Story” by Anthony L. Fowler, Jr. and Benjamin Sawyer
“The Beauty’s Bargain” by Brent Mueller and Chistina “Steenz” Stewart

Cover by Adam Davenport
Back Cover by Benjamin Sawyer
Title Page Illustration by Aaron Anderson

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 90


Do you prefer the plucky heroes of J.R.R. Tolkien or the brusque barbarians of Robert E. Howard? The majestically fluid linework of John Buscema and Barry Windsor-Smith or the bold action of Joe Madureira? No matter what your favorite flavor of fantasy, you’ll find what you’re looking for within these pages: swords, sorcery, brave knights, gruesome orcs, vicious trolls, fanciful fairy tales, damsels in distress, and, yes, even a few dungeons and a handful of dragons, all captured in the broad range of writing and art styles that have become Ink and Drink’s calling card.

Within the brittle pages of this ancient tome are 13 tales of yore when swordsmen ruled fertile lands with iron fists and sorcerers wielded powers beyond mortal might. Study the leaves of this Ink and Drink Fantasy Anthology and be transported to these other worlds by stories of banished knights seeking revenge, young squires on quests to prove themselves worthy, unspeakable creatures wreaking havoc on innocent domains, and elemental forces teaching valuable lessons of hubris to the arrogant.