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Local St. Louis Anthology

“Shad’s Tale” Written by Derrick and Illustrated by Jim Mosley
“The River City Incident” by Ellis Ray III
“STLMECH” by Benjamin Sawyer
Pinup by Joe Wills
“After School “ by E.A. Schweitzer
Pinup by Illustrious Vision
“Bubblehead Road” by Jim Ousley, Oscar Madrid and Ben Sawyer
“The Mud Men from Mound City” by Chris Sagovac and Jason Green
Pinup by Benjamin Sawyer
Pinup by Benjamin Sawyer
“Saint of Saint Louis” by Joe Wills
Pinup by Maggie Woolfolk
“Downtown Brown” by Jim Ousley, Oscar Madrid and Aaron James Ford
Pinup by Ellis Ray III
“STL Fun Fact” by by Jonathan J. Norfleet
“:How to Bottle Success” by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
Pinup by Bryan Ward
“An Untold Tale of the World’s Fair” by Steve Higgins Art and Rob Armbrister
Pinup by Chris House
“Team BFFL Wages: Battle Custard”! by Erin Jameson and Celina Hernandez
“St. Louis Stinks” by Dan Zettwoch
Pinup by Illustrius Vision

Cover by Benjamin Sawyert
Back Cover by Jim Mosley

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 96



St. Louis, Missouri: home of great beer, great baseball, and — most of all — great stories! To celbrate the city’s 250th birthday, St. Louis’ best and brightest comics talent team up to tell tales from the city’s past, present, and future, both real and imagined.

A boozed-up baseball player stumbles upon the true secret to sports success. A portal to the other side of the universe opens within the Gateway Arch, but is the visitor friend or foe? A group of teens hunt down an urban legend on Bubblehead Road. And two friendss battle to answer the question: what’s reallythe city’s best frozen custard?