HungoverStories from the Bottom of the Barrel


“Croatoan” by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz and Jesse Kwe
“The Gift” by Chris Raglin and Natalie Baldeon
“The Silent One” Original poem by Ivor Gurney
Adapted by Steve Higgins and Richard Thomas Basey
“Montana Sapphire” by Stephen Harrick and John King
“Kings & Queens & Guillotines” by Jason Green and Alice Gardner-Bates
“A Dream of Dragons”  by Erin Jameson, Shawn Harrington, and Brandon Daniels
“Sturgess Bumdexter, R.I.P. ” by Darren Tracy
“The Pre-History of Pro Wrestling” by James Hornsby
“Human Wrestler” by A.J. Stache, Barry Lincoln, and Ant
“Robo Gigante Is…Asstro-Bot!” by Jason Green and Jim Mosley
“Motley and Harv: Hungover” by Meesimo
“Roadkill” by Darren Tracy
“This Is Something I Threw Together Real Quick on the Night of the Deadline” by Jonathan J Norfleet
“Dinosaur-Headed Teenage Girls” by Lindsay Hornsby
“Murder at Heck House” by Darren Tracy
“Craft” by Jason Green and Jon Damron
“Bullets & Seashells” by Ada Ezenwa-Autrey
“Maneaters” by Steve Higgins, Maggie Thurston, and Ben Sawyer
“Town Car” by Jim Ousley, Oscar Madrid, and Chris Sagovac
“The White Doe” by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz and Adam Davenport
“The Christmas Victrola”  by Jim Ousley, Brian Atkins, and Ben Sawyer

Cover by Adam Davenport
Title Page by Maggie Thurston and Brandon Daniels
Full Color
128 Pages

You tried the rest, now try the best!

After dutifully capturing the essence of every genre from every angle our mad minds could think of, your comic-making compadres at Ink and Drink Comics greet the morning after, buzz-brained and bleary-eyed with
Hungover: Stories from the Bottom of the Barrel, a collection of stories that   weren’t quite ready to go home when the editors   previously yelled “Last call!” But these comics are no mere leftovers… no, these lost dogs have bite! From the twisted truth behind the lost Roanoke colony to rowdy ‘rasslers (human as well as dinosaur!), from vengeful queens to warm Christmas scenes,  this book has something for everyone. If you know Ink and Drink, you know the quality herein. If you don’t know us, then the richly varied stories in this “odds and sods”  anthology make for the perfect taste test.