Juice Box Cover

Kids (All Ages) Anthology

“Hide & Seek” by Jeffrey Johnson
“Princess Pups in Picnic Panic” by Lindsay Hornsby
“Little Joe at the Beach “ by Steve Higgins and Joe Wills
“Little Guy, Private Eye” by Jim Ousley, Oscar Madrid, Benjamin Sawyer and D’Anthony Mathenia
Coloring Fun with Fizzlebit I by Lindsay Hornsby
“The Pirates of Sixth Street: Culture Clash” by Steve Higgins and Celina Hernandez
“Moody & Demetri in Gone Fishin’! “ by Shawn Harrington and Jason Green
Fishy Maze by AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps
“The Day I Fell into the Sky” by Donna Patterson amd Jesse Kwe
“Maddie’s Griffin “ by Maggie Thurston
Coloring Fun with Fizzlebit II by Lindsay Hornsby
“Robo Gigante Title” by Jason Green and Jim Mosley
“Polly’s Super-Fantastic Sea Creature Extravaganza!” by Stephen Harrick and Mike Harvey
“Little Joe Goes Fishing”by Steve Higgins and Bradley Pipkin
Search a Word by AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps
“Spirited Encounters: Party Games” by Steve Higgins and Christina “Steenz” Stewart
“An Owlful Lunch” by Jonathan J Norfleet and Amber Clark
“The Kid”by Ellis Ray III
Pirate Coloring Page Illustrated by Jake Gion
“Kaori’s Box” Written & by Makuto Mike
Coloring Fun with Fizzlebit III by Lindsay Hornsby
“Superpug in “Dinnertime”” by Steve Higgins and Tabby Freeman
“Leif’s Letter” by E.A. Schweitzer

Cover by Adam Davenport
Back Cover by Jake Gion

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 104


BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT, the good folks at Ink and Drink Comics have finally put together a collection of stories that is suitable for all ages! Featuring tales of animals both real and mythical, kids at play and kids with important jobs to do, as well as activity and coloring pages, this book is sure to entertain everyone from ages 8 to 80!