Liquid Courage

Superhero Anthology

“Iconoclast” by Ellis Ray III
“A Moment’s Weakness” by Jason Green and Adam Davenport
“No Place for Heroes” by Caleb Sawyer, Greg McCrary and Benjamin Sawyer
“Ghost Town: Upstate” by Alex O’Neill and Alfonso Pinedo
“Tiger Samurai “ by Jake Gion
“Magical Girl Vol. 1” by Keya Matanagh and Christina “Steenz” Stewart
“Bunnygoth” by Jim Ousley, Oscar Madrid and Benjamin Sawyer
Magical Girl pinup Illustrated by Greg McCrary
“Man Wit’ a Bat in “Shanghai at the Gala””Written & Illustrated by Aaron James Ford
“Atomic Nazi Smasher” Written by Aaron Walther, Illustrated by Preston Rocket
“Grandpapa Speaks “ Written, Lettered & Colored by D’Anthony Mathenia, Illustrated by Armando Batista
“The Star Born: Galaxy Knight Majestic, “Sol vs. Deyanira Part 3”” Written & Pencilied by Jonathan J. Norfleet, Inked and Colored by Benjamin Sawyer, Title Page by Mike Harvey
Deyanira pinupIllustration by Greg McCrary
“Ghost Town: Eastern Capital” Written by Alex O’Neill, Illustrated by Greg McCrary
“Cracked Continuum” Written by Kvar Black, Illustrated by Ellis Ray III
Ghost Town pinup Illustrated by Benjamin Sawyer
“Caretakers of the Fleeting” Written by Steve Higgins, Illustrated by Chris Sagovac
Deyanira pinup Illustrated by Joe Wills
“The Ideal” Written & Illustrated by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
“Good Deeds” Written & Illustrated by E.A. Schweitzer
“The Session One-Shot: Hard Times, Killing Floor “ Written by Lee McCullum, Illustrated by Matt Bryan, Colored by Joe Buffalo

Cover by Adam Davenport
Back Cover by Jim Mosley
Title Page Illustration by Corey Tyson

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 140


So say the astounding artisans of Ink and Drink Comics as they finally foray into the four-color world of caped crusaders and malicious masterminds with Liquid Courage: An Ink and Drink Comics Superhero Anthology! The terrific tales herein examine how sometimes all it takes to be a hero is to offer a helping hand and explore how, on other occasions, meeting monsters on their own terms can have catastrophic consequences for those who would be guardians of good. 17 stupendous stories in all!