Off the Wagon

Western Anthology

“The Lament of Johnny Fry” by Steve Higgins and Bryan Ward
“Another Man’s Treasure” by Scott Schmidt and Brian Atkins
“New Frontier” by Jonathan J. Norfleet and Benjamin Sawyer
“Hormone Deranged” by Bryan A. Hollerbach and Aaron James Ford
“Warm Milk, Dirty Glass” by Mike Harvey and Benjamin Sawyer
“Sh–faced & Saddlesore” by Jason Green and Justin Crouse
“Great Moments in Herding History” by Sam and Noah Washburn
“Jim and Buck in Treasure Huntin’” by Christina “Steenz” Stewart
“Family Reunion” by Brent Mueller and Aaron Anderson
“Lucky” by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
“An Occurrence at Las Cruces Jail” by Kyle Morton

Cover by Adam Davenport
Back Cover by Jim Mosley
Title Page Illustration by Aaron Anderson

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 76


The 21 writers and artists in this 80-page anthology make the Old West new again in a dozen comics stories, among which: – A Pony Express rider laments his hard life. – Treasure hunters get more than they bargained for. – Rustlers bite off more than they can chew from a chuck wagon cook. – A washed-up ex-sheriff sees justice done one final time. – A young gambler ups the ante against the wrong opponent altogether. – A cowboy comes to the end of his rope in New Mexico.

GIDDYAP! Go West, Young Comics Fan!Those graphic galoots at Ink and Drink Comics proudly present Off the Wagon, the anthology of Western wonders now in your hot little hands. So pour yourself some red-eye, pardner—and read on!