Shots in the DarkCrime Anthology

“Slick” by Kyle Morton
“Eads Landing” by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz and Jim Mosley
“Case 481” by Sam and Noah Washburn
“Cannibal Rampage” by Nate Hessling and Brad King
“Break On Thru (To The Other Side)” by Jason Green and Justin Crouse
“Funky P.I.” by Mike Harvey
“A Small Price To Pay” by Steve Higgins & Nick Main
“Wheels Within Wheels” by Bryan A. Hollerbach and Aaron James Ford
“Unleashed” by Ahad Bhaiji
“World’s Most Dangerous Guns” by Jonathan Norfleet
“I Was a Teenage Cookie Monster” by Jon Scorfina and Stephanie Richardson
“Beer Barons of St. Louis” by Kevin Wolf
“An Accounting” by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz

Cover by Adam Davenport
Back Cover and Title Page Illustration by Aaron Anderson

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 104


WANTED – Information as to the whereabouts of Chas. A. Lindbergh, Jr., of Hopewell, New Jersey, and son of Col. Charles A. Lindbergh, world famous aviator. The hapless 19-month-old waif was abducted from his Hopewell, N.J., home between 8 and 10 p.m. on Tues., March 1, 1932. Wanted for questioning is a local carpenter, one Bruno Hauptmann, a German immigrant. Hauptmann is believed also to run with the infamous Ink and Drink Gang – known rowdies, cutpurses and other scofflaws suspected of offenses ranging from acts of vandalism through involvement in the “opium trade” to armed robbery and homicide, usually while “under the influence.” Approach with extreme caution.

SHOTS IN THE DARK, featuring 13 crime dispatches from America’s Most Dangerous City in one 104-page epic by 21 talented writers and artists.