SMASHED cover by Meesimo

An Ink and Drink Comics Fantasy Anthology

Scriptum Phantasia. Call me Danny. Call me Joey. Who’s your favorite New Kid?

“Luder Kailash: Master of Illusions” – Written by Nathan Kenkel, Illustrated by Patrick Weck, Colored and lettered by Brandon Daniels
“The Man from the Periphery” – Written by Bianca King, Illustrated by John King
“BRO-MAN” – Illustrated by Shawn Harrington, Scripted by Jason Green
“Quest Accepted” – Written and illustrated by Brian J. Stumbaugh
“It’s a Match” – Written and illustrated by Maggie Thurston
“Tales of Maleficium” – Written and illustrated by J.G. Shipley
“Visitation” – Written and illustrated by Joe Wills
“Lair” – Written and illustrated by Jonathan DeRousse
“The Struggle” – Written by Steve Higgins, Illustrated by Christian “Meesimo” Meesey
“Blood Lust” – Written and illustrated by Scott Roth
“Oarsworn: Traitor’s Nest” – Written and illustrated by Sam Weber, Colored and lettered by Emily Oliver
“Wolfbob and Friends in: Viking Meth” – Written by Jim Ousley, Illustrated by Maggie Thurston
“Pick Your Path” – Written and illustrated by M.V. Laughlin

100 Pages
Full Color
Cover by Meesimo
Backcover and pinups by Patrick Weck
Title page illustration by Benjamin Sawyer

When creatures of unrelenting evil escape their otherworldly realms and threaten humanity with extinction, true heroes must arise to defend all that is pure and good. Using every tool at their disposal —  be they magical talismans, enchanted swords, or their own sheer brute strength —  these legendary champions are single-minded in their quests to take the evildoers’ plans of domination… and SMASH them! 

The night is dark and full of horrors. Arm yourself with these thirteen epic tales of courage from the wizards of Ink and Drink Comics so that, on your own unexpected journeys of adventure, you may find the unspeakable monsters that wait in the darkness and bind them there.