Spirits of St. Louis II - Hair of the DogHorror Anthology

There’s a Dead Girl in My Chest” by Jim Ousley and Ben Sawyer
Wanton Destruction on a Monstrous Scale” by Steve Higgins and Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
Back Bedroom” by Ronald Montgomery, James Giar, and Jeff McClelland
“Rose” by Marie Enger
Cherokee Street Ghost Stories” by Maggie Thurston
Annihilate” by Brandon Daniels and Sam Boven
Homeward” by Kevin Taylor
Not Again “ by D.S. Williams, Darren Tracy and Brandon Daniels
“Bloodsport by Steve Higgins,
Jim Mosley and Jason Green

House of B-Horrors” by Shawn Harrington and Brandon Daniels
Draw Blood” by Jason Green, E.A. Schweitzer and Greg McCrary
The Blade of Ma’at ” by Steve Higgins and Chris Sagovac
“Love in a Bottle” by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz and Brandon Daniels
“In Your Dreams” by Jonathan J. Norfleet and Mike Harvey
Fort Washita” by Sam Washburn
Not the First” by Marie Enger

Cover by Adam Davenport
Back cover by Kyle Morton
Title Page Illustration by Bryan Ward
Pinup by Jim Mosley

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 124



13 — A number believed by many to be a harbinger of bad tidings and ill omens. It is no coincidence then that this 13th anthology from Ink and Drink Comics is a collection of tales featuring supernatural specters and monstrous behemoths which will send chills down your spine and make you shriek in terror! So, eerie dearies, we invite you to again open our creaking cover and settle down to read these sixteen scintillating tales under the light of the full moon, for we know that a little Hair of the Dog will leave you howling with delight!