An Ink and Drink Comics Sci-Fi  Anthology

In Space, No One Can Hear You Read…

“Guardians of Space in Re
d Planet Rescue” 
by F.J. Myles-Williams, D.S. Williams, and Joe Wills
“A Glimpse into the Present” by Jesse Kwe
“21st Century Bombs” by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz and Brandon Daniels
“Missing Out” by Christian Sager and Brandon Daniels
“Extremities” by Ty Young and Meesimo
“Escape from Planet Ze” by Shawn Harrington and Jason Green
“Tales of the Mobius: The Strait of Dabais” by Nathan Kenkel, Patrick Weck, and Brandon Daniels
“Emissaries” by Brandon Daniels and Sam Boven
“Mother Eye” by Barry Lincoln
“Commander Ped Xing vs. The Emperor of The Facti Aran” by Steve Higgins and Meesimo
“Intellectual Property” by Lon Ryden
“The Bishonenator” by Jason Green and Elizabeth Schweitzer
“Neurodemon” by Sam Weber
“Paradym Shift” by David Epperson
“Handmade” by Maggie Thurston
“Everywhere” by Chris Raglin, Natalie Baldeon-Raglin, and Brandon Daniels

Cover by Adam Davenport
Back Cover by Benjamin Sawyer
Title Page by Patrick Weck
Full Color
120 Pages

From the day after tomorrow to the far-flung future come the tales of Wasted, the new science-fiction anthology from Ink and Drink Comics! You’ll find thrills reading of epic battles waged on alien landscapes and feel chills at warnings of the dangers of today’s technology if pushed too far!  16 tales of robots, dinosaurs, demons, corporate greed, star-crossed love, and cheese-based lifeforms, all ready for you to devour within!