OTH4On the House - 4th Round Vampire Weekend

This mini-comic bites!

“Solace” by Shawn Harrington and Steve Higgins
“Being a Teen Vampire Sucks… I” by E. A. Schweitzer
“The Megalomaniacal Midget in Trick or Treat” by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
“Being a Teen Vampire Sucks… II” by E. A. Schweitzer
“Quiet as a Crypt” by Jason Green and by Jason Green and Greg McCrary
“Being a Teen Vampire Sucks… III” by E. A. Schweitzer
“Tomb of Jiangshi” by Chris Sagovac
“Family Dinner” by Makuto Mike

Cover by Benjamin Sawyer

Minicomic Sized
Black & White
Page Count: 20